A new home in Spain

A new home in Spain

Entering a new basketball season as a free agent meant a new team, new city, and new country for us.  This new season brought us to Spain in a small city in the Basque Country – Vitoria-Gasteiz.  We had been eager to get into Spain since the beginning of this career because of its competitiveness and, of course, because it’s Spain – as an American, who wouldn’t want a chance to live here and/or visit?!    Continue reading “A new home in Spain”

St. Petersburg and Moscow in the middle of Winter

St. Petersburg and Moscow in the middle of Winter

This past January I was able to finally venture out of Krasnodar and into two of Russia’s most well-known cities: St. Petersburg and Moscow.  An opportunity to travel within Russia should never be forgone… ESPECIALLY when you already live there and have a multi-entry 3-year visa.  My family was able to visit for 9 days, and we definitely took advantage…enjoying sufficient time in each.   Continue reading “St. Petersburg and Moscow in the middle of Winter”

Switzerland Series Part II: Christmas in Zurich

Switzerland Series Part II: Christmas in Zurich

Zurich may not be the first city that comes to mind when deciding where to go during Christmas…because when I did my research, it was never listed under any of the “Top Christmas Cities in Europe” lists.  However, a city unexplored was just has exciting as any other city in my book. Continue reading “Switzerland Series Part II: Christmas in Zurich”

Germany’s Gosch Sylt


You might be wondering “What is Gosch Sylt…”



Gosch Sylt is a seafood restaurant showcasing the casual culinary creations of German chef Gosch and can be found in several German cities.  A seafood restaurant serving only the freshest ingredients.  The fresh seafood is laid out in front of you with the menu above and you order as if you were in a fast-food restaurant – super casual yet refreshingly delicious and good for you.  You get a buzzer that lights up when your food is ready.  This particular Gosch was at Sankt Peter-Ording.



This location in St. Peter-Ording has seating inside and outside.  The inside is filled with wooden benches and tables and every decor dealing with the ocean and sea: boats, fishing nets, rafts, etc…



 I ordered the pan-seared scallops (a favorite of mine to try at any and every seafood restaurant). Sometimes places don’t cook scallops correctly – you have to be careful not to overlook them, but these were perfection. The scallops were accompanied by the Gosch salad and garlicky, buttery bread…and of course a glass of German beer, König Pilsen. 



25Hours Hotel Hamburg Hafencity


On my 2.5 week long trip, I was fortunate enough to see another one of Germany’s cities: Hamburg.  We stayed at 25Hours Hotel Hamburg Hafencity, one of the coolest, most unique hotels I’ve experienced.  25Hours is definitely hipster chic (reminded me of Urban Outfitters), but not pretentious.  The vibe was relaxed, the rooms were comfortable, and the food was delicious.






25Hours has an amazing German breakfast spread with a few American favorites (bacon and eggs)!  It was sooooooo good!




St. Peter-Ording, Deutschland 


Who knew Deutschland had a beach?!  Well it does and the beach is beautiful. And super pet friendly. St. Peter Ording, Germany is a small, quaint, and beautiful beach town that is unknown and rare to many non-Germans. There were strictly German tourists here, which made it a more unique and blessed experience. Had I not had German friends I would have never experienced this beach town. Continue reading “St. Peter-Ording, Deutschland “