The hair products I always run out of (and rebuy)

The hair products I always run out of (and rebuy)
  1. drybar Detox Dry Shampoo ($23, $13): I bring a few bottles of this every season.  It is my go-to and saving grace.  I don’t wash my hair every day and this product allows me to keep my routine and style going for days.  I always bring travel size bottles as well for all of the traveling we do.
  2. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo ($22, $12): You can’t go wrong with using this or the drybar.  I love and use both.  I also bring a bottle or two of this product overseas.
  3. CHI 44 Iron Guard: I learned to always use a heat protectant when applying any sort of heat on my hair and this one does the job.
  4. drybar Triple Sec ($26, $13): This smells AMAZING.  And also is used as a volumizer and texturizer.
  5. drybar Sparkling Soda ($26): This helps with frizz.  Just a simple shine mist that also smells AMAZING.
  6. drybar Money Make Hairspray ($26): Must have.

Clearly I have a Drybar obsession!

Hair tool splurge of 2016

I get a lot of positive feedback on my hair.  To be honest, it’s pretty low maintenance and I usually almost always just air dry it.  However, when I do take the time to style it, I usually add curls to get a fuller look.  I’ve had a few curling irons and wands in my lifetime, and I’ve always just opted for the cheapest options.  This summer, however, I decided I wanted to try and upgrade.  I found that the heat features from the cheap options always became faulty, which made it take longer to style.

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