A new home in Spain

Entering a new basketball season as a free agent meant a new team, new city, and new country for us.  This new season brought us to Spain in a small city in the Basque Country – Vitoria-Gasteiz.  We had been eager to get into Spain since the beginning of this career because of its competitiveness and, of course, because it’s Spain – as an American, who wouldn’t want a chance to live here and/or visit?!   


Vitoria-Gasteiz is considered the capital of the Basque Country in the northeast of Spain nearing the border to France.  It is part of the Àlava province and is the headquarters of the parliament and government.  In 2012 it was named the Green Capital of Europe.  Home to about 250,000 people, Vitoria-Gasteiz ensures that it has a high proportion of green public areas and that its entire population is within 300m of green space.

Vitoria feels rather small to me, as I prefer the hustle and bustle of a big city, but the beauty that surrounds it, within the Basque Country, surely compensates for the lack of “city life.”  I am thankful to be in Spain and back in Europe where other Spanish cities and other European countries are easily accessible via train, plane, or automobile.

La Plaza de Virgen Blanca

I’m looking forward to experiencing life in a new city and new country, thankful for another opportunity to explore another gem of the world and expand my experiences and palette.


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