Switzerland Series Part III: Lucerne


We took Switzerland’s train system to get us to Lucerne.  It was an easy and comfortable hour to Lucern from Zurich.

And upon walking out of the Lucern Train Station you see the Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge) right in front of you…the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe and the world’s oldest surviving truss bridge.  It is Lucerne’s main symbol and attraction.






Next we took a 20 minute bus ride to where you can take cable cars up to Mount Pilatus (one of the points of interest on the Alps that overlooks Lake Lucerne and the entire city beautifully!). We had no idea what to expect…and we didn’t even know we had enough time to be able to do this tour, but we did it spontaneously and it was the best decision of the trip!

Mind you, I’m afraid of heights…so I was in a bit of panic in the beginning as we just got higher and higher towards Pilatus.  There is a stop in between and you can choose to hike up and down the mountain as well.  There were locals doing so!  Crazy!  Not for me!

There is a restaurant at the half way point as well as once you reach Pilatus.  A whole building sits at Pilatus that is a hotel, restaurant, and souvenir shop in one.  The views are just a dream…and photos do not serve them justice.  Sigh…but here are some of ours:





The waters of Lake Lucerne! 



The hotel on top of Pilatus!



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