Switzerland Series Part II: Christmas in Zurich

Zurich may not be the first city that comes to mind when deciding where to go during Christmas…because when I did my research, it was never listed under any of the “Top Christmas Cities in Europe” lists.  However, a city unexplored was just has exciting as any other city in my book.

And well, the city definitely did not disappoint.  It offers much more than just a world of banking and money (as most seem to think of it as).  It surprised us with all the character it had to offer  as we walked aimlessly throughout the city.  And the Christmas market that adorns many of the cities in Europe during this Holiday season was just as festive and full of culture.


We walked through the Bahnhofstrasse, which is a main street full of shopping.  I mean, you think of Swiss watches, and, boy, there were watch stores and boutiques in every corner of this city.  I guess tourists often visit Switzerland and a big souvenir to purchase is a Swiss watch, and they definitely make these easily accessible for you.


In 3 days we just walked…

To the Grossmunster:


To the Framunster (Church of Our Lady):




To the Limmat River to witness the lighting of thousands of candles by Zurich schoolchildren sent floating down the river at 6pm precisely annually on December 22nd.

Took a cruise on Lake Zurich where the peaks of the Alpines just give you the urge to visit them…



Visited the Swiss National Museum and the FIFA World Soccer Museum as well.  And enjoyed some raclette and potatoes and, of course, red mulled wine!  This was my first time having mulled wine and they made theirs so strong!  Woof!



For dinners we enjoyed some amazing meals highlighted by our Swiss fondue experience at the Swiss Chuchi restaurant in Hotel Adler.  MUST VISIT!  Cozy, casual, and so Swiss! (iPhone photos)



In essence, we just enjoyed taking in all that the city had to offer with zero expectations or limitations.  And then we finished our trip with a day in Lucerne!

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