Switzerland Series Part I: Arriving in Zurich


We just recently got some time off for the first time in years!  And most importantly, the vacation time fell during Christmas. Playing overseas rarely provides the luxury of vacation days with the only real “off” days falling in the off-season (mid/end of June through beginning of August).  With this rare opportunity, we decided to take full advantage and explore a little bit more of Europe and discover some of Switzerland!


Of course it was an option to to go home to Family and Friends, however, the little time we had would have been spent more on planes, trains, and automobiles than with our actual family and friends.  So instead, we decided to take advantage of the short time and see Zurich and Lucerne.

Having arrived on the 22nd meant we only had 3 days to make sure we were able to explore Zurich before everything shut down for Christmas/Christmas Eve.

I obviously did some diligent research before the trip (I like to be organized and plan), I had a list of a few things I wanted to get accomplished when we landed… The first thing we did was purchase a mobile wifi called Traveler’s Wifi at the Switzerland help desk/counter at the Zurich Airport.  There, you can grab a map of the city and several other guides they had available for tourists.  I definitely took everything!  Note: The Traveler’s Wifi ends up being less costly than purchasing a SIM card for your unlocked phone.  We rented the wifi for 7 days, unlimited 4G LTE every time you turn it on, and with a battery life of about 6 hours at full charge, for 69 Euros.  This was plenty of use for us and we were gone almost all day with a break right before dinner to relax and refresh.

Next, we took out some Swiss Francs (CHF) (this is an obvious when you travel, always have the currency on you…duh!).

Because I knew we were going to be gone hours on end, we also brought a portable mobile charger.  The charger charges two devices at a time.  The Traveler’s Wifi was also able to be charged on our device.  And now we’re set to begin our adventure!

We decided to take a taxi to the hotel, which we quickly learned was not the most economical way to travel once in the city.  A 10-minute ride from the airport was 50 Euros. YIKES!  Uber is available and costs way less…but the city is a walking city taking us only 20 minutes to get to downtown Zurich.  For tourists who are not right off the Bahnhofstrasse, the entire city, at least the heart of it, is walkable!  So please walk!   The landmarks are amazing and allow you to explore corners and crevices of the city you wouldn’t notice otherwise.




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