Mom jeans and DIY tees…

A personal favorite of mine this Fall/Winter is the emerging popularity of MOM JEANS!  Besides for being “in” fashion this season, Mom Jeans are the ultimate comfy denim (IMO).  If you haven’t tried a pair, the fit is a high waist, loose/relaxed inseam, and almost no stretch.  The no stretch is the highlight of this type of denim trend, which helps to perfectly flatter all body types, even us females with no booty and lacking some Kim Kardashian curves (me) because somehow these give my behind some shape! Stylish and eat-and-drink-a-lot friendly pair of jeans, could not get any better.  This budget-friendly pair is a vintage, acid wash from Zara (currently in stores).


And onto my tee, which I styled on my own (and by style I mean cut up on my own).  I randomly discovered these tees on some bloggers I follow on Instagram (WeWoreWhat, B-low the Belt) and found that a clothing brand 12th Tribe sells these tees for a whopping retail price of $72 (crazy, I know, considering how easy this was to make on my own)!  Take any graphic tees you can find or already have and cut a V using the crew neck as your guide.   Can’t get any easier than that.  I bought this Rolling Stones Tee from Zara for $15, in stores now.  But I found random graphic tees, even in the men’s section of H&M for example, for between $5-$10.  Loving the DIY part of this popular tee.  And voila!!!!


And for the rest of my outfit, my B-Low the Belt Bri Bri belt is my favorite accessory this season (and probably for the rest of time, I’m really obsessed).  White booties, a leather jacket, and some Ray-Ban aviators to complete the look.

Matt and I enjoyed an unusually warm fall day (25 Celsius this particular day) in the center in these photos and had lunch at a new restaurant after grabbing some Holiday lattes at Starbucks.  🙂


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