Easy bakery style chocolate chip muffins…

(Since apparently I’m unable to install any plug-ins because I’m currently using WordPress.com instead of WordPress.org, the recipe for these muffins must be freehanded (no fancy recipe format).  UNTIL…I figure it all out and get it working…sigh.  Still trying to navigate all the features available to me so bear with me.)

Anyway!  These muffins were perfection.  I baked them simply out of boredom and they ended up being super easy, fast, and delicious – my kind of recipe!  I had never made muffins before because I’ve just never been a “muffin person.”  However, Matt is, so I decided to give it a go.  Definitely quick and easy…a recipe that you’ll most likely always have ingredients on hand for.

This recipe is off of The Little Sweet Baker site, which offers many delicious recipes btw.  I followed the recipe to the T except for the amount of baking time.  Every oven is different (I definitely learned this the hard way over the years), and my muffins cooked within 10 minutes (instead of the recipe’s recommended 13-15 minutes, if you cook or bake a lot you know there’s a difference even in just one minute of baking time).  Because I’m frequently moving year to year, and to a different country every year, my trust in ovens has been almost non-existent.  Therefore, when following recipes I tend to bake things for a few minutes less than the recommended amount of time and go from there.


These muffins will definitely become a staple this season and you can find the recipe here:



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