Germany’s Gosch Sylt


You might be wondering “What is Gosch Sylt…”



Gosch Sylt is a seafood restaurant showcasing the casual culinary creations of German chef Gosch and can be found in several German cities.  A seafood restaurant serving only the freshest ingredients.  The fresh seafood is laid out in front of you with the menu above and you order as if you were in a fast-food restaurant – super casual yet refreshingly delicious and good for you.  You get a buzzer that lights up when your food is ready.  This particular Gosch was at Sankt Peter-Ording.



This location in St. Peter-Ording has seating inside and outside.  The inside is filled with wooden benches and tables and every decor dealing with the ocean and sea: boats, fishing nets, rafts, etc…



 I ordered the pan-seared scallops (a favorite of mine to try at any and every seafood restaurant). Sometimes places don’t cook scallops correctly – you have to be careful not to overlook them, but these were perfection. The scallops were accompanied by the Gosch salad and garlicky, buttery bread…and of course a glass of German beer, König Pilsen. 



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