Welcome to Deutschland… 


I’m spending the next few weeks visiting friends (for pleasure as well as for my Russian visa…super complicated – I know!) and my first stop is beautiful Deutschland!  My first time ever in Germany was in Berlin just a few months ago for the highly coveted Euroleague Final 4. Lokomotiv made the Final 4 competition for the first time in club history and what an experience!  We were so blessed to have been a part of an incredible weekend!  It was a remarkable experience, especially for Matt’s basketball career.  Berlin was amazing. Beautiful, clean, organized. And German food is delicious I might add.


For this trip I landed in Frankfurt and took the German regional train to Göttingen.  (Um the train was the most comfortable!!!!)

Göttingen is beautiful. The people have been so hospitable. And it’s just been great to spend time with my amazing friends. The above photo was taken when we took a hike through a forest overlooking the city.



They then took me to the city center. I just love Europe.  My heart is definitely in Europe. I loved Istanbul and I don’t mind Krasnodar, but being back in a European city just reminds me of how truly unique and special these cities are. It’s where I want to be!






Tomorrow we head to Hamburg!  So excited!

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