Go-to chicken recipe…quick, easy, delicious

My first season traveling overseas was the first time I learned how to actually cook, and cook with passion and a bit more skill.  Our home that year (now 4 seasons ago) was in the heart of Tuscany in Italy in a little city that stole my heart called Siena.   The world’s most amazing vino and pasta made this home culinarily perfect.  I had access to the freshest ingredients and met friends who were so willing to teach me their true Tuscan ways in the kitchen.  I learned amazing dishes that I cook time and time again.  One of these was this bone-in chicken recipe: rosemary, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and fresh red onions.  As with all my go-to dishes, measuring how much of everything to add kinda just goes out the door.  I just simply eyeball everything depending on how much chicken I have.

And so here it is:

  • After rinsing your chicken, marinate (at least overnight) by adding balsamic vinegar, olive oil, fresh rosemary, salt, and pepper.  (If you want to cup up red onions they add a little flavor, and I love how they caramelize as it bakes).
  • Bake the next day at 200C for 1:30.



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