Welcome (back) to Krasnodar

Home for this season is back to Krasnodar, Russia where I spent the end of last season.  It’s comforting to know I won’t be starting over this new year.  Typically, we are always on a different team, city, and country, which means I have to relearn EVERYTHING (e.g. language, roads to navigate, where to get the best groceries, where to shop).  This part of the year is always time-consuming and frustrating.  I always end up having one breakdown day when I throw my hands up (usually at the grocery store) and just give up trying to figure everything out.

But this year, I can breathe a sigh of relief.  I know my way around and have adjusted in no time!

Quick things to know about Krasnodar:

  • We are in the south of Russia.  The winters are mild compared to what most probably think of Russian winters.  It’s been Miami-hot since I arrived at the end of August.
  • There aren’t any major tourist sites to see like in major cities (e.g. The Blue Mosque in Istanbul or the Colosseum in Rome), which doesn’t lead to a whole lot of things to do.  You simply have to focus on and appreciate what it’s like to live in Russia.
  • Very few people can speak any English, so Google Translate is a survival necessity when doing pretty much anything.  This includes using the camera feature that allows you to photograph things such as menus when going out to eat, which are then automatically translated (at times imperfectly, so you just have to wing it).

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